World-Wide Known Pop Star, Lizzo, Makes Ground-Breaking Appearances at The People’s Choice Awards 2022


Nicole Papera, Staff Writer

Lizzo was chosen for the “People’s Champion” in the People’s Choice Award this year, on December 6, 2022, which was held in Santa Monica, California. While on stage, she brought in 17 women activists, using her platform to bring light to these hard-working women.

Lizzo is best known for her pop music, accompanied by her rapping, dancing, singing, and playing the flute. The article “How Lizzo Went from Underground Phenomenon to Pop Star” posted by The Washington Post says that Lizzo had been singing and making music from an early age, but “it wasn’t until her hit song “Truth Hurts” came out in 2019 when she got noticed”. Lizzo strives to promote self-love and being true to who you are.

Lizzo and the 17 women activists (Credit: NBC via Getty Images)

“Everyone looks to an artist for something more than just the music, and that message of being comfortable in my own skin is number one for me.” Says Lizzo in an interview with Dan Reilly, journalist for ‘Billboard’.

This year’s People’s Choice Award was given to many, but Lizzo put her own spin on winning the “People’s Champion” award. Her mom was the one to announce the award, saying how Lizzo “has shown us all that we don’t have to conform to anyone’s standards in order to be happy, to be creative and feel worthy. I know that Lizzo has literally saved lives. No one is more deserving of this honor. I am so proud of her.”

When on stage with the award, Lizzo announced: “I’m here tonight because…to be an icon is not about how long you’ve had your platform, being an icon is what you do with that platform. And ever since the beginning of my career I’ve used my platform to amplify marginalized voices.” With this, 17 women activists were led onto the stage, sharing Lizzo’s honor. The women ranged from age 15 to age 67, all bringing light to different problems around the world.

Women around Roswell voiced their opinions on the matter.

“Our nation has developed with women fighting for rights, and if people think we have equality now, they’re wrong. We still have much to fight for.” Ms. Klucsarits, one of Roswell’s math teachers and the swim coach, says, “Anybody who has a platform fighting for women for equality I support, and people either love or hate the media but the media brings exposure so by her bringing these women activists out with her it definitely brought exposure to the topic.”

Mia Katz and Isabella Sollinger, two freshmen here at Roswell, both agreed that Lizzo made them feel represented and powerful.

Lizzo’s speech filled the media, bringing more attention to what these women are fighting to do and making many women feel noticed and proud.