New Motivational Fridays


Drew Maddox

The speaker set up in the lunchroom on Fridays, song requests are allowed.

Drew Maddox, Editor In Chief

Motivational Fridays are a new addition this year to Roswell implemented by Principal Miley.  

Every Friday, a motivational song is picked by either a student or staff member, and the chosen song is played over the announcements that Friday morning. 

Along with the song to kick off the day, a speaker has been added into the lunchroom. Song requests are being taken and the lunchroom is now filled with tunes.  

The purpose of these new musical additions is to make everyone have a better Friday and most importantly, stay motivated. 

As with any change implemented, students have vocal opinions.  

 Personally, I enjoy music, and appreciate anything that gets played throughout my day, but I also highly encourage intrinsic motivation when it comes to school. Although it does potentially spark dopamine, I don’t think playing music throughout the building is enough to encourage motivation within students.  

While it may be a fun addition on Fridays, I feel extrinsic motivation needs something more to be sparked within a student, or a staff member.  

When I think of motivation, my mind goes to the outcome of what I am working towards. In the instance of motivating students to make good decisions, perhaps promoting PBIS points more if it’s a proven method towards successful actions would encourage a student to stay motivated and actively move towards that reward.  

Sophomore Piper Lee speaks up on Motivational Fridays and how they have affected her motivation.  

“I like how the music brings some other joy into our days. Some of the music choices can be obnoxious first thing in the morning, but it’s better than starting the day in silence,” Lee said.  

The majority find it entertaining and feel it adds something interesting to a normal school day, and I can’t disagree. Seeing teachers and students participating in a musical environment is quite entertaining.  

The connection to academic motivation needs to appear more directive, and I feel more actions need to be provided to ensure all students are motivated towards their goals. But overall, Motivational Fridays are a great start to starting this change, and seem to brighten everyone’s day.