The Controversy Behind Homework Over Break

Cassidy Douglass, Staff Writer

As the semester ends and the course load decreases, most students are relieved to spend two weeks forgetting about the stress of school and to a break free of homework. Should teachers be allowed to assign homework over breaks from school? 

Brains need constant wiring and refreshing to stay working. Without any schoolwork, are any students’ brains going too far into “do not disturb?” Personally, I don’t think so. Breaks should be time to unwind and take a mental vacation.  

Our school has proven over countless examples that it is devoted to improving students’ well-being and mental health. We even have mental health resources on the back of our student identification cards.  

Extra schoolwork would counterbalance any chances to refresh and improve mental well-being over the break.  

For example, I intend to do a tight cleanup of my personal space at home over break and if I had schoolwork in any classes, that would interfere with my ability to reset my spaces. I know other students might want to do that as well, and homework would simply interfere.  

Another reason no homework should be allowed over breaks is extended breaks, such as Winter break, is time for students to catch up with friends and family which also aids in a student’s emotional well-being and positively affects mental health. 

 Extra schoolwork would only prohibit the bonding time with friends and loved ones.  

Breaks should be a time to relax, and frankly do absolutely nothing. Not time to work on school. During the semester break time especially, the semester will be over, and the final grades will be put in, so what’s the rush to begin a new unit? There is none! Teachers should allow students the luxury to relax with little to no stress. With all the reasons listed it proves any type of schoolwork assigned is an ill-choice on the schools and teachers’ part. 

 Let the student’s rest!