11 Alive Spreads False News about Roswell High  

Hunter Pitrak, Staff Writer

   11 Alive released a short video titled “Teen detained at Roswell High School after gun was found” on Jan. 5. with no clear details about where this was located. 

   Even though it was later discovered this was in Roswell New Mexico, at a school with the same name as RHS, this unclear information caused lots of commotion in the Roswell, GA community especially for the parents of students who go here. 

   This false news event then ended up taking administrator time Principal Miley, who was trying to communicate to the parents that this was not actually located at the RHS in Georgia. According to Miley, none of the students expressed concerned, only the parents did. 

The headline that was released with a video explaining the situation on 11 Alive News. (Screenshot taken by Hunter Pitrak from 11alive.com)

  As a principal this affected her daily role. When asked exactly how this affected her day, Miley explained her 70/30 rule.  

   Miley states that 70% of her day is focused on students, and interactions with the students. Two examples she cited were visiting classrooms and cafeteria duties and the other 30% focuses on administrative duties, like when a lockdown drill occurs, and the announcements aren’t working.  

   When she got the information about this situation, she called it an administrative pivot where she had to immediately change into her 30% and start dealing with her administrative duties.  

   One of the things Miley did as part of her admin duties was sending an email out to parents and teachers, making them aware of what happened.  

   In her letter, she states “It has come to my attention that a news story broke yesterday in Roswell-New Mexico…Because of the name, there is some confusion that has occurred at our school.” 

   She was able to let everyone know this didn’t happen at our school, and she also took it as an opportunity to spread the message: “Please talk to your students and if you see something say something.” 

   Along with this, there was a tip line included in the email to reach out to if anyone ever needed it: S.H.A.R.E. tip line, which stands for “See it, Hear it, And Report it Every time.”  

   11 Alive news was contacted multiple times, by text and voicemail contact per their website, but no response was given.