Mrs. Miley Talks About Why there are No Finals this Year

Ava Golightly, Staff Writer

In October, students found out that they can exempt finals if they are passing their class, have no OSS or ISS, and have no academic dishonesty.  

Finals are important because they wrap up the semester/year by one big test for each class. Principal, Mrs. Miley states, “Finals, which are now gradable tasks or major assessments I think they’re very important to improve a student’s grade.” Final exams are used to determine if a student has been preparing themselves the entire academic year. Final exams shouldn’t be very challenging if a student has followed the prescribed course of action. Finals can help grades be more balanced and offer more opportunities for students to improve throughout the semester and entire year.  

Students care about finals because they can help their grade and not hinder. Freshman, Mckenna Riemenschneider says, “I care about finals because it can help people’s grades.” 

Junior, William Talley states, “I did (take finals) to get my grades up.” 

Freshman John Robinson realizes that, “Finals don’t really matter to me but I can see that they might help someone with a bad grade.” This year’s final exams can only boost students’ marks, not hurt them. In high school, grades play a significant role. Grades affect a variety of factors, including whether you can find a job and which colleges you can join. 

Students had the option to exempt finals because, “the district has changed the policy, there are no exams. Even though they call it exam week, that is fazing away and is more so focused on closing out the semester.” Miley stated. 

Students with good grades are happy that they don’t have to take finals so the finals won’t hinder their grade; and they’ll have less work to do.