Student Council Fundraiser Brings Sweetness to Stand Up for Kids

Anabelle Thompson, Staff Writer

This December, freshmen grade student council members at Roswell High School held a candy cane drive in order to raise money for children’s charity. 

The Stand Up for Kids is an organization that helps end the cycle of youth homelessness and provides mentoring. To raise money for this foundation, students bought candy canes for $2 to send to their friends. These candy canes were sold in the mornings before school. 

The freshmen student council sponsor, Ms. Judy Bisset, gave her insight into what they could do to improve the sales process for next year. “We didn’t accept cash until Dec. 8. I think we would have sold more if we took cash every day rather than having to use a credit card online.” Ms. Bisset also described another glitch in the sales number, “The sales went from Dec. 5 through Dec. 9. We were remote on Dec. 6, so that cut into our sales.”  

Freshmen Maddie Curry purchased a candy cane and described the process of the sale: “I had to make an account on this website to pay but then it times out, so I used cash.” She was then asked if she enjoyed the sale, she replied saying, “Yes, it was for a good cause.” 

The freshmen student council concluded this drive with a total of $183 for Stand Up for Kids.