Local Roswell Manager Embezzles 300K to Fuel Strip Club Addiction

Cassidy Douglass, Staff Writer

A local restaurant, Houck’s Grill, has recently sparked controversy after discovering manager, Mr. Scott Spilberg, embezzled 300K from the company’s credit card.

The ex-manager went on to spend the money around local strip clubs for 11 months, according to 11alive News.

After discovering this, Houck’s pressed charges, and the ex-manager had been given with two years and six months in prison along with three years of probation, according to 11alive News. Following the criminal charges, the convicted manager must reimburse the company for all stolen money, roughly over 300K.

A student at Roswell who wished to remain anonymous due to fear of losing their job, had a few comments on this court case, although they stated that they can’t comment on any personal encounters with the ex-manager because they still work at the institution.

When asked about the personality of the ex-manager, the source quoted, “He was overall pretty nice; the only thing was he seemed kind of forgetful at times, but that didn’t strike me as weird.” 

The anonymous source also spoke well of Houck’s and said, “…my personal experience has been overall pretty positive despite changes in management throughout the years.”

In addition, the source said, “We now have new managers who were servers when I first started working so they have a good relationship with all the staff.” Roswell locals and students have been employed in Houck’s for years. 

When asked about the current state of Houck’s financial situation, the anonymous source said, “Houck’s has recovered well from Spilberg” and continued to say, “(Houck’s) has been able to recover by having live music and big events.” As Houck’s is a popular restaurant for Roswell students to work and Roswell families to eat it appears Houck’s will recover fine. 

According to, junior Carter Dowdy, “I enjoy Houck’s food very much… along with how Houck’s supports our high school teams.”