Roswell Theatre Company Takes the Stage with a Mind-Blowing Performance of “Bright Star”


Lauren Brooks taking the stage with her opening number on opening night. (Credit: Trey Rutherford)

Nicole Papera, Staff Writer

The sentimental and plot-twisting story of “Bright Star” is a not-so-easy performance to be done by a high school theatre, and yet Roswell’s theatre had Broadway-worthy performances during the show’s run Jan. 27-29. The plot of “Bright Star” takes on a heartwarming tale of conflict and young southern love and adds musical elements consisting of: numerous group dances, solos, and banjo music. The plot follows the path of a famous author, Alice Murphy, who wants to find her son that was put up for adoption when she was young. Simultaneously, a young author desires to get his stories published by Murphy.

The cast and crew put on an amazing show, directed by the school’s theatre teacher, Trey Rutherford. Over the summer of 2022, Roswell Theatre posted two open mic nights, giving students the chance to sing and perform. In doing so, the theatre generated money to add to theatre funds. This, in turn, helped the backstage crew to create gorgeous sets and costumes for the musical.

The theatre’s sets and lights for “Bright Star” were professional and brought life to the performance. The spotlights created a dramatic effect for the main characters.

The lead roles were cast wisely with senior Lauren Brooks setting the stage with the sweet introductory song titled “Bright Star,” playing the character Alice Murphy. Throughout the play she used her vocals and talent to make it feel like the audience was part of the story, too, sympathizing and feeling what she was feeling.

Junior Oliver Holmes and senior Olivia Rodman carried the laughter of the show, with comic relief and side stories from Daryll and Lucy giving the story a realistic effect. Sophomore Aaron Smith, who played Billy Cane, performed his role as if he’s been doing it his whole life. Smith’s singing and speaking were natural and helped put the audience in the story.

This year’s musical was thought out and performed better than ever imagined, and the theatre hopes to have many more great performances in the future.