Orchestra and Chorus Win Superior Ratings at LGPE

Hunter Pitrak, Staff Writer

On Feb. 14, Roswell High School’s Chorus took a trip to North Atlanta High School for their annual Large Group Evaluation Performance (LGPE). Orchestra followed on Feb 15. Both performing arts groups received superior ratings on their performances.

LGPE is an opportunity to go and play for judges who give you a rating and feedback on your overall performance. The ratings range from one (superior) to five (poor).

There are two parts to this process, one being where you perform the pieces you have been preparing, and the other part is sight reading, which is reading a piece for the first time Infront of a judge.

Chorus member, junior Sabrina Rex said, “LGPE a great experience and I feel as though all three choirs were prepared very well.”

Orchestra member sophomore Anna Baldwin also describes LGPE in a very positive way. Baldwin said, “The overall experience of LGPE was super fun, it’s always great to have a day to hangout with our orchestra members outside of school. Its really cool because you get to see all these other groups preform outside of the normal school day.”

An integrated, cohesive fine arts performance of a high caliber begins with strong individual effort. Head of Roswell chorus, Dr. Usher, said, “Every student carrying their individual weight is the ONLY way that a successful performance can and will happen.”

Keeping everyone accountable for their parts also has a major impact on the outcome of the performance. Orchestra teacher, Sara Linn, said, “Playing assessments usually help with this to keep everyone accountable for their parts. We work as a team, so mostly we figure out what problems there are and try to work on those with supports.”

With an annual performance like LGPE, it’s a great way to set goals for the future. When asked what LGPE means to her, orchestra member sophomore Juliana Murphy said, “it means a lot to me and in the future, this will help our class to set even bigger goals and the notes given by the judges will also help us improve our performance.”

With LPGE completed and evaluations given, orchestra and chorus are using the rest of the 2022-23 school year to prepare for next year’s competition.