New Marching Band Uniforms


This is the first ever look at the brand new band uniforms with all of the brand new accessories and colors. Fun Fact: Roswell’s school colors are actually Grey, Black, and Green. (Credit: @roswellband on Instagram)

Ben Fagan, Staff Writer

Fulton County Marching Bands get new uniforms every 10 years, and finally this year it’s Roswell’s turn to get new uniforms. The new uniforms are unique and a modern take on the old uniform featuring the school colors, green, gray, silver, and black prominently. They also feature a new type of shako, the hat that the marching band members wear, and a sash that is attached to the front. This sash can be removed and is easy to re-attach. Different parts of the shako can be removed, re-attached, and styled in different ways to change the look of the uniform.  

I had the honor of being the first person to try on the uniforms and I can say that they are very comfortable. They are not the most breathable, but they are certainly an improvement over the previous set. The different customization options make the uniform much more fun and unique every time you wear it.  

The gauntlets, attached to the wrist of the uniform, are also more modern. These new gauntlets are much easier to put on than the previous ones. One of the most annoying parts of putting on the uniform is putting on the gauntlets, but now they are much easier to put on. Now many members will be able to get ready much quicker and be more prepared.  

Overall, I think the new uniforms are great. They are cleaner, more stylish, more comfortable, and an overall improvement than the previous uniforms. I also think that these new uniforms will inspire band members to take better care of them so that they can be just as nice for the next year. Additionally, these new uniforms will enable people to see the marching band from the field with the brighter colors and newer designs. This will allow the band to become even more captivating when they are on the field and will get many more people to pay attention to the band.  

The fresh new style will allow the band to be better. They will boost confidence and along with that boost morale. Members of the band, fans, and students will all love these new and improved Roswell Marching Band uniforms premiering during the first football game of the 2023-24 season.