Cameras improve school safety, still haunt students

Jaeden Davis , Staff Writer

Cameras have been implemented around the schools hallways. This has stirred up controversy about why the schools even need cameras in the first place. Is it for security or is it to monitor the students’ every move?

Cameras are placed in every hallway to monitor students. Credit: Jaeden Davis

I personally think that the surveillance cameras are for the safety of the students and faculty. This school cares about every student, teacher and administrator, so why wouldn’t it have cameras installed? Our society is not as aware of school safety as it used to be. Nowadays, you never know who could be a potential threat to the school or what that student could be hiding.

The amount of school shootings this year is about 23. That’s 23 too many. It’s ridiculous that as time goes on the school community is getting worse. This is why it’s good to have cameras in the school. It makes students feel relieved. Or does it?

The jet black cameras that hover around the school can be a little unsettling to look at. The cameras just appeared out of nowhere.

“I feel like the cameras are an invasion of privacy and they will make people find new ways to break rules,” said sophomore Leigha Rich.

This is very understandable because it won’t be as easy to steal something because of the camera’s facial recognition. However, students will always find ways to do what they’re not supposed to, no matter what the consequences are. 

Although the new cameras are a form of safety, they still haunt the students around the school.