Powder puff review


Ava Weinreb

Players out on the field planning for their next player with their fellow team mates.

Ava Weinreb, Director of Business, Instagram Captain

The annual Pennies for Patients Powder Puff game occured last month. The event features both junior and senior girls in a friendly game of flag football, while also raising both money and awareness for Roswell’s Pennies for Patients program. This year the seniors and freshmen pulled out a strong win against the juniors and sophomores with zero overtime. While there was a relatively small crowd, the overall morale was bursting with excitement and intensity.

“The Powder Puff game was interesting. While the players may have had no idea what they were doing they really put on a show. The announcers were great as well,” said junior Brooke Henry.

The game remained close throughout, although the senior team was able to pull off a field goal in the remaining minutes.

  Pennies for Patients focuses on raising money to support the research done by the leukemia lymphoma society. The Pennies for Patients club here at Roswell is known for their amazing program, raising thousands of dollars and ranking RHS as one of the top fundraising schools. This Powderpuff game was no exception, helping to raise $50 from a small crowd on a rainy day. Not only did the club work to find the most donations as possible, they were also able to organize and plan the whole event, including concessions and their very own cheerleading team featuring some of the most spirited boys at RHS.

  Despite an earlier delay back in December, when the game was originally scheduled due to inclimate weather, the club was able to pull together an amazing event with concessions and a student announcer, allowing students and parents to enjoy the excitement of the game. The club continues to strive for a high ranking in this years fundraising competition. In 2015, RHS reached an all-time high in raising $26,000 dollars throughout both semesters, adding to a total of $129,000 which took only three years to produce. Roswell’s achievements in supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma society is continued by the outstanding achievements of this years officers: seniors Annie Guglielmo and Mallie Malloy.

  This years game proved to be a nailbiter, leaving the senior team to victory once again. Congratulations to all the players this year and don’t forget to donate to Roswell’s Pennies for Patient program.