How to pack your suitcase with helpful tips and tricks


Wanna learn how to pack? Read below| Credit: Ava Weinreb

Ava Weinreb, Director of Business

   Getting ready to travel far and wide can be a nerve racking ordeal. Trying to figure out what exactly to pack and how to fit everything into the tiny suitcase is a trip of its own. However, I have a few tips and tricks on how to pack efficiently and successfully.

   First lay out each of your clothes per day; this will help you visualize each of the things necessary for each outfit per day, ensuring you don’t underpack anything essential. When laying out each outfit make sure to cater each outfit to your itinerary: packing athletic clothes for active days and professional or casual attire for others. This way you can ensure that each outfit is acceptable for that days’ activity.  Always pack extra undergarments and socks, especially if you are traveling somewhere near water or where there is a lot of physical activity, because those items tend to get dirty first, and no one wants to walk around with wet socks all day.

   Shoes are also an important part of packing, although they take up the most amount of space, here are a few ways to pack all the shoes you want and still have space for the rest of your clothes. Wear your most bulky pair of shoes when traveling. Whether it’s a plane, train, boat or car wearing your largest pair of shoes on travel day will allow you to fit more into your suitcase. You can also stuff smaller items inside your shoes, maximizing your sace, smaller shoes like flip flops can be put into the smaller compartments and mesh linings as well.

   A helpful tip which applies to all articles of clothing is to roll them than fold them; this method allows you to compact your clothes and fit more into your suitcase. Overall try and pack as light as you can, only keeping essentials and limiting “what if” accessories such as excessive pairs shirts or pants. By following these few tips you are sure to pack efficiently and effectively.