The tropical storm Dorian, and the damage it caused

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Damages caused by Dorian on a small Island on the coast of North Carolina. Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times

Hurricane Dorian has left families devastated all over the East Coast.

Dorian, the category five hurricane that hit the Bahamas, has now hit the coast of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Dorian killed 43 people in the Bahamas and has severely damaged countless houses and buildings all over the island. As a result of this damage, many cities along the East Coast of the United States have been evacuated. Universities that have been evacuated include University of Central Florida, Rollins College, Georgia Southern University, College of Charleston, The Citadel, University of North Carolina and many others. 

As Dorian hit the United States, it was no longer categorized as a hurricane, but a post-tropical cyclone. Despite this change, hurricane-force winds still struck the coast and flooded many homes. The places that were affected the most were small islands off of the coast, such as Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. It was reported that thirteen more inches of rainwater fell than the past record, in 1944.

Many citizens of Georgia, including students at Roswell, have family members that live in or go to school in some of these cities. Many students have older siblings that go to college on the coast, or were planning a beach vacation that got cancelled because of Dorian. The storm happened to hit the Bahamas and move north towards America over Labor Day weekend. Many people were planning on spending a nice, relaxing, sunny, four-day weekend on the beach on the  East Coast, and these plans were wrecked by the hurricane. Plane flight tickets needed to be refunded, and hotel bookings needed to be cancelled. This was not a fun way to cap off the long weekend. 

Some high school students also had experiences with this hurricane. 

“My sister goes to Rollins and has been out of school for a week, and I’m glad she came home and I got to spend time with her,” said sophomore Cecilia Rubio.

 This is a perspective where the hurricane had a good effect on her and her family, however, sophomore Adleigh Wheeler has a different opinion. 

“I was going to have a tournament in Florida over Labor Day weekend, but it got cancelled because of the hurricane, and I had to stay home,” said Wheeler.

The Floridian teams that she was supposed to play could not travel to the location of the tournament because of the storm. Wheeler and her family were looking forward to spending time together in Florida, and going off on adventures to places like Disney World. This, however, did not happen.