Geoff Smith has big plans for city council

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January 28, 2020
City Council Candidate Geoff Smith shares his ideas on the future of Roswell
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City Council Candidate Geoff Smith shares his ideas on the future of Roswell Photo Credit:

North Fulton County’s street corners have recently been flooded with posters advertising those running for city council. This municipal election will be held Nov. 5, and we talked to city council candidate Geoff Smith about his role in this election and his future plans for Roswell. 

“I’ve always been involved in the community,” Smith said, “I first got involved 20 years ago when I became a newspaper reporter and I covered local news here in Roswell, Alpharetta and Fulton county commissions. That was the first time I really learned about all the different things that make a community work.”

Smith has worked in Roswell as a volunteer firefighter, economic and workforce development leader and a parks and recreation employee. 

“So, I’ve been a head coach in the parks and rec division for a long, long time…I think some of our baseball fields could use some improvement. I’d like to see some of our parks brought up to speed. We’ve got some beautiful undeveloped parks that I think we can maintain better as undeveloped parks,” stated Smith, when asked about his plans for the city.

Smith plans to work on introducing a yearly festival in Big Creek Park for mountain bikers, who tend to flock to that park anyways. 

“I would like to encourage that [park use] more,” he stated, “By maybe having a big tournament once a year, where can bring mountain bikers in from over the south east; that would stay in our hotels and have a big festival, and it could be a really fun event and a way to use our park space.” 

However, larger voter turnout is needed in Roswell. 

“If I’m not mistaken,” Smith said, “Last year only 7,000 of Roswell’s 88,000 citizens voted in local elections.” 

Whether you are of voting age or not, stay on the lookout for these new changes in Roswell that will come with the new city council members.