Bathroom passes disgust students, yet are important to teachers and student life

Natalie Navarra, Staff Writer

Senior Gabriela Glende holds one of the many bathroom passes that students are required to use throughout the day. Credit: Natalie Navarra

During class, it is required that students take a bathroom pass to go to the bathroom. Many students cringe at the thought of even touching a bathroom pass. I, myself, try to avoid using the bathroom during class. Imagine how many students go to the bathroom throughout the school day. It’s a lot of kids.

Also, it is impossible for students to keep the bathroom passes clean when they take them into the stalls. To add on to the disgust, some kids do not even wash their hands after they use the bathroom. With all these kids touching the same bathroom passes it raises concern about the bacteria that is probably on them.

According to a study done by Jack Gilbert, in one hour, there were “500,000  bacterial cells per square inch on the bathroom surfaces, on average”. If there is so much bacteria in bathrooms that have the potential to spread, it might be a good idea to stop the use of bathroom passes. The bacteria on the passes puts students at risk of getting sick, especially during flu season.

Although I am against bathroom passes, it turns out they might not be as bad as some people think they are. I sat down with Mrs. Washington, an honors biology teacher to get her view on the matter. 

“Because we are exposed to these germs everyday are bodies build up immunity, so I think really overall we are too overcautious, and the passes really don’t make that much of a difference,” said Mrs. Washington.

Perhaps bathroom passes are harmless.

There is a concern that teachers do not clean their bathroom passes, but thankfully there are actually teachers who do clean them.

 “I have actually seen one teacher spray the passes with Lysol,” stated Mrs. Washington.

Mrs. Washington’s opinion made me realize that bathroom passes are not as bad as I thought they were, but I still am I going to avoid them at all costs. Also, here is a tip: if you are going to touch a bathroom pass I highly suggest to use hand sanitizer when you get back into the classroom.