Hornets welcome new assistant principal Mr. Martin


Mr. Martin looks forward to a new exciting year as assistant principal| Photo credits: Roswell High School

Ava Weinreb, Director of Business

This year Roswell welcomed a new assistant principal to our staff, Mr. Josh Martin. While he may not be a new face in the building, he is now taking on new responsibilities and a new perspective on the inner workings of Roswell High School. 

Martin formally taught as the AP Micro/Macro Economics teacher for 6 years, in addition to coaching the baseball team. As assistant principal Martin now manages all AP and PSAT testing in addition to scheduling and assisting in the school wide switch to infinite campus. In addition he assists in running the ELA (English and language arts) and TAG (talented and gifted) programs throughout the school. While he does miss the personal atmosphere of a classroom and experiencing the excitement of new and interesting lessons as well as “seeing [students] enjoy high school in class and coming to sports events and getting the whole high school experience.” Martin is also anticipating the new and exciting responsibilities of becoming assistant principal. 

Martin expands on his time out of the classroom and in the office explaining how “you can throw your schedule out the window.” The hectic and demanding job can push and pull in so many directions that require immediate attention, a drastic change from the lesson plans of an AP Economics class. Dealing with the extremes within the school has been a big adjustment for Martin, explaining that accommodating to issues within the classroom is much easier to maintain than the “sad and the bad, the unfortunate situations that come along in the high school setting” and on a larger scale. While these adjustments may seem grueling, Martin is looking forward to the years ahead and continuing to experience the “community, the kids, comradery, and the diversity” that lies within Roswell. Martin elaborates, “even looking around the lunchroom you see all different races, ages, socioeconomic class all having a good time, and that is what I want the world to be.” Congratulations Mr. Martin, we are looking forward to see all that you have in store for us.