Looking into Historic Roswell’s 22nd annual 5K race

Jaeden Davis, sports editor

     Historic Roswell is having its 22nd annual 5K race and it’s just around the corner. The event consists of contestants that will run 5 kilometers through Historic Roswell. It will be a fun, enjoyable and interactive event for people of all ages.

     Starting from 9:45 the objective is to get from point A to point B. Racers will compete in a race through downtown Roswell. They can choose whether or not to run all the way through or take quick breaks in between. The race will take place on Saturday, October thirteenth  from 9:45 to 11:15 AM. The event will also take place the following day on the fourteenth.

     Racers can be age five and up and so there are few setbacks. Everyone gets a fair chance. This event happens once a year, meaning that it’s not an everyday thing. Sports like track and field, cross country or any sort of activity that involves running will grant an advantage to those that will be participating in the marathon, simply due to experience and skill.

     The race is also for a good cause. This race will benefit the Friends of the Roswell Park Inc “Play it Forward Program.” This is a non-profit organization that can provide private music lesson scholarships for rising young musicians. In the end, this race is all for a good cause and has good intentions.