Mrs. Kemp and her lasting impact on Roswell High School


Mrs. Kemp enjoys her second room full of mini kitchens where students bond over meals.| photo: Ansley Tanner

Ansley Tanner, Staff Writer

Some of the most underappreciated electives are the food classes. Food Nutrition and Wellness, Food For Life, and Food Science are all taught by Mrs. Kemp. She is an amazing role model for many students and does a great job of preparing kids for the real world. She teaches students how to eat properly, make good lifestyle choices, and cook. Students learn how to make healthy food delicious and give desserts a healthy twist. Her lessons are very practical and educate students how to lead healthy lives. 

Not only do these food classes help with lifestyle decisions, they also help with healthcare. Mrs. Kemp said that healthcare is one of the biggest issues facing the country today, and having a good diet will help with that. If a person is taught in high school to have a healthy diet, this will influence them to make better diet choices throughout their life, leading them to stay more healthy and avoid unnecessary illnesses. 

Mrs. Kemp has a great influence on Roswell students along with their lifestyles. She enjoys helping students and encouraging them to make good choices. She has worked at Roswell High for 17 years. During these years she has impacted countless students and taught many units. Her favorite unit to teach is international food. “Students love engaging in hands-on experiences,” Mrs. Kemp said. Her food classes make cooking fun and encourage students to work together in the kitchen. High schoolers always look forward to her classes because they help them academically, nutritionally, and personally. If a student takes all three of her food classes, they recieve a science credit and a chord at graduation. Mrs. Kemp is a very impactful figure at Roswell High School.