Thinking of Black Friday shopping? Prepare for the frenzy.

Ava Weinreb, Director of Business

Jumping at the first sight of holiday cheer, stores and businesses all around the United States take advantage of the urgency and participate in every penny-saver’s dream: Black Friday. Extreme discounts and buy one get one free exclusives litter the malls and boutiques all in preparation for the immense amount of holiday shopping. Although, is Black Friday really worth it? 

Many large retailers raise prices around the holiday season to increase profits. This means that those amazing deals they promise you on Black Friday really are not all that amazing. While a discount is definitely given, the original price is inflated, making the Black Friday deal not as extreme as promised.

Not only are the discounts underwhelming, there are dangers of Black Friday that are easily avoidable if you chose to shop on any other day. There have been several accounts of injuries, trampling and fights that break out in response to the limited time only deals. Since 2010, a recorded 117 people have been hospitalized and 12 pronounced deceased due to the chaos of Black Friday. Is health and safety worth the risk for a day of discounts?

Besides the larger more pressing issues, Black Friday overall is a day filled with hectic energy and unpleasant encounters. Parking can be insane, filling up parking lot upon parking lot of deal hungry shoppers, finding a spot can take hours, not to mention the increased security risk of having so many people in one area with little regulation or protection. While the average deal hunter may love Black Friday, the employees and staff are not too fond of they ordeal, the high risks of violence and shoplifting is enough to make any employee stressed.

For those who choose not to partake in the chaos of Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a great alternative. The same amazing deals are only a click away with no crazy parking ordeal or no violent fights for the last shirt. While the craziness of Black Friday may sound enticing, remember to prepare for all of the crazy outcomes.

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