We need to take care of our planet

Maynor Chinchilla, Staff Writer

The beauty of Roswell’s natural rivers becomes marred by littering. Credit:Maynor Chinchilla

Earth. A  lot of people say it is our planet, but this is not true. The Earth is much more than just our planet; it is our home. In the past, humans started to use the resources on it to make our life easier. This doesn’t make our life easier; this is hurting our planet and hurting our home. A lot of people don’t care about – or maybe they care but they don’t do anything to help – the planet. Some governments from different countries don’t care also, but, if we don’t try to decrease pollution, I don’t think there is going to be a place to have people follow a government’s orders.

Littering is a epidemic in Roswell rivers. Credit: Maynor Chinchilla

Why? Because we are destroying our planet. A lot of people say I care, but we are still burning oils, making our clean air into a polluted one. A lot of us don’t recycle and we make our planet into a polluted place. We contaminated our planet and, by doing that, we are destroying it. But the sad part is that our governments are not informing people to stop this problem. And, this can end in a bad result.

One thing that can help us to decrease trash is recycling. A lot of people recycle, but a lot of people don’t know what can be recycled and what can’t. The government should inform everybody about what to recycle and what can not be recycled. Also, the country has a lot of places where there is not a recycling center and they are not able to recycle even though they want to. 

Another solution is to get clean energy. Everyday, new technology is developing and scientists find ways to get energy from other things that don’t hurt our planet. For example, a wind turbine uses the wind and it does not emit things like fuels and other types of gases into our air. Another example is a dam. A dam does not hurt our air or other places. Also, we can create new lakes  where animals can have everything they need and make these places their own. Also, we can protect places to not have trash build new parks. This way, new generations would appreciate nature and our world. 

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Preserving the environment is an important subject. Credit: Maynor Chinchilla


Plastic trash is scattered across the river walk, with little care for it’s environmental reaction. Credit: Maynor Chinchilla


Plastic bottles can cause damage to the environment. Credit: Maynor Chinchilla