School off on voting day is necessary

Ansley Tanner, Staff Writer

Not having school on voting day gives many opportunities to students, teachers and the community alike. 

If Roswell High School were to have had school on Nov. 5, disaster would have struck. Not only did having school off give teachers and some students the chance to vote, but it encouraged people to voice their opinions. On top of these reasons, the high school used to be used as voting booths for the Roswell community.

“I had the whole day to do my homework and that helped me come back rested and ready to work,” said sophomore Alli Wiggins.

This day was beneficial to students and teachers alike.

High School teachers and students attend school from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every weekday, and on voting day, there would be no time for them to express their opinions in the booth. It is very important for people aged 18 and older to vote for the members of the Roswell City Council to make change happen. These council members ratify laws, regulate budgets and monitor city companies. If a person want improvements to their surroundings, they have to go to the voting booth and vote for the representative they believe will do the most good. If students and faculty are at school all day until rush-hour traffic, they will most likely not vote. 

Another problem with having school on election day is that Roswell used to act as a place to vote. They hold booths where people in the area can come to vote. If the school was not available on Nov. 5 for voting, people would have had to drive further away from their house to go vote. This would cause citizens to be less inclined to vote, which is not good for the community. 

Although some people would argue that having school off is unnecessary because most high school students are unable to vote, this small population of high school adults can make a big difference. Also, what they are not taking into consideration is the amount of faculty, staff and administrators  that would not have the opportunity to vote if school was in session. 

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