The question sparking “The Mandalorian” craze

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December 17, 2019

Despite timeline confusion, fans have still speculated that the cute green creature is in fact young Yoda. Credit: Cnet

Disney+ was released about three weeks ago and, with the drop, they also released a few of their own originals, such as one show in particular called “The Mandalorian”, which is about a bounty hunter. It takes place after the fall of the Empire and pre-First Order. The show follows the story of the main character called “The Mandalorian”. The first episode left all Star Wars fans jaw-dropped and curious about what was in the little floating carriage with two big green ears after the end of Episode 1. Many people had speculations that the little creature was baby Yoda, but the only problem with that would be that age doesn’t line up. Many sources are trying to figure out if it’s another species, like Yoda or something else. This has caused the Star Wars fandom to come together and figure out what this adorable little green alien thing is. With the introduction of the so-called “baby Yoda” the show has gained even more traction since the first day that show aired. The show surpassed the Netflix show Stranger Things by having over 100 million views, according to Business Insider, while Stranger Things had only 81 million. Along with Disney plus having over 100 million sign ups the first day that it was up for launch, the show continues to gain traction each Friday when a new episode is launched (all thanks to baby Yoda). The first four episodes are available right now on Disney+ in addition to the whole Star Wars collection.