Why you should visit The Roswell Mill


Roswell Mill Park an incredible park with beauty, history and more |Credit:https://creativecommons.org/

Maynor Chinchilla, Staff Writer

Roswell Mill Park is an incredible park with a lot of history an incredible, and beautiful places to see. This park is located on the banks of Vickery Creek, and has the ruins of the Roswell Manufacturing Co. But this park history is not just that. Mills can be found through the trail. This were constructed in 1839 and 1853. Sadly this mills were burned by the Union forces on July 7, 1864. This mill has a lot of mystery and history on it. This was not the end for these old mills. Well, just for one of them. The 1853 mill was rebuilt after the Civil War. But this is not a happy ending because the mill was destroyed by a fire again in 1926. This old mills were the Roswell Manufacturing Company. In the park we can find a waterfall. This waterfall was created when the creek was dammed to provide water. This incredible park has a pedestrian bridge over the creek. This bridge connects the walking trail that starts on Old Mill Park to Chattahoochee River Trail system. This makes the park even more interesting and fun. I hope you visit this place to learn about the city of Roswell’s incredible history.