Climate change is a fact, not an opinion

Ansley Tanner, News Page Editor, Director of Business

The increase in the amount of disaster that has struck over the past 15 years has been indisputably due to climate change. Natural disasters have increased exponentially recently, whether it be hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, poor air quality, or overall fluctuation of temperature. All of these issues and many more are affecting wildlife and humans alike every day.

“Not only is it affecting the climate itself, but also the quality of life in our oceans, causing marine life to plummet,” said sophomore Emma Martin.

Scientists who have dedicated their entire lives to studying these pressing issues have proven that these problems are due to an increase of carbon dioxide in the air; in turn harming the climate. 

The main cause of climate change is due to overpopulation and the Greenhouse Effect. According to the World Population Clock on, there have been almost half the amount of deaths in the world than births this year so far.

There is no real solution to overpopulation besides limiting the amount of children that a family can have, which is immoral. For example, the child policy in China, where a family is only permitted to have two children if the parents are single children, is absurdly limiting. A family should have the choice and decision to grow their family as big as they can support and wish to have. Therefore, since there is no proper way to limit population growth, the population needs to take into consideration the Greenhouse Effect. 

The Greenhouse Effect is most likely the most concrete factual aspect of climate change. This occurs when gases released through breathing and factories get strapped inside the atmosphere of the Earth. Humans have started to release so many chemicals into the environment that it can not be emitted back into space fast enough.

This trapped air changes the weather and causes imbalance in the environment. “…humans have been interfering with the energy balance of the planet, mainly through the burning of fossil fuels that give off additional carbon dioxide into the air” ( This information is factual and not up for debate. People and politicians who reject the science of climate change are blatantly and ignorantly disregarding the health of the Earth which is obviously in pressing need of help.

Above is an example of a wildfire, which have become more common due to climate change. For example, right now, Australia is suffering from wildfires spreading all over the continent. Credit: Unsplash

Once most people get on the same page about the problems with climate change, action can be taken. A huge factor in the world’s pollution is the emissions released by cars. A way to help this is by taking public transit more often, walking or biking to a destination, or switching to an electric or even a hybrid vehicle. Factories need to stop burning as much fossil fuels and start using more efficient energy such as wind power or solar power.

However, these steps can not be made until people realize that climate change is a real problem and needs to be addressed today.

This planet is all we got and we need to help protect it as best we can.

— sophomore Sadie Ziegler

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