Theater Seniors reflect on their time in the spotlight


The theater program celebrates after winning their region competition. Left to Right: Josh Davis, Charlie Plese, Seth Christian, Jessi Kirtley, Chloe Taylor. Bottom Middle: Mrs.Stern Photo credit: Seth Christian

Bridget Frame

The theater program at Roswell High School has been flourishing this year. The senior members of the program took some time to reflect on their experience within theater at RHS.

Senior Seth Christian has been a member of the theater program for 3 years now. One of his favorite parts has been “meeting new people and learning new experiences.” The program has produced close-knit friendships across all grade levels. 

Senior Chloe Taylor had a different plan for her theater experience before finding passion in behind-the-scenes work. “I originally did theater because I thought I wanted to be an actor. Then I realized just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean you’re good at it… I realized I wasn’t a good actor so I started doing tech instead and I really enjoyed that.” Many students learn the skills to produce lighting, sound technology, and prop design. Every aspect of theater is explored in the program, from onstage work to backstage work.

Senior Charlie Plese has made plans for the future with her theater skills. “I am auditioning for a few colleges at the moment to get my B.F.A in acting.” She emphasized the importance of funding for the arts within schools because “without it I probably would not have picked my career choice.”

Many of the seniors in the program are working to pursue aspects of theater future college majors and careers.

I just really enjoy creating art with all my friends and there’s a lot of significance in the stories we tell,” says senior Jessi Kirtley.

With successful productions of both plays and musicals, the theater program had grown significantly over the past 2 years.

“I feel like I was able to learn a lot while also being able to be myself around everybody. It’s just been such a really fun time,” states senior Bailey Boling

The theater program at RHS is an example of a place that fosters community and learning within fine arts. It’s evident these skills and friendships will be with these departing seniors for years to come.