Why Virtual School is Better than Face-to-Face


Students are finding it easier and more efficient to work from the comfort of their own homes. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Denis Ilksoy

Since COVID-19 numbers have supposedly gone down in recent weeks, students are being given the option to start returning back to school. For some people this means they can go back and see their friends and go back to the regular school routine, but in some students, this could mean the risk of losing the perfect situation that is virtual school.

 Virtual school is undoubtedly much better and more efficient than face to face for so many reasons. First of all, the routine is far less stressful. In a day and age where the mental health of a high school student is comparable to that of a mental patient in the 1950s, stress management is of high importance to a student. Being at home allows them to do this, because you can wake up later than an army soldier has to,  you can change your learning environment based on what you feel works for you, and if you need to take a much needed mental break you can stop what you are doing and chill out a little.

If the reason you find yourself heading back is to see your friends, I urge you to see how you can see your friends more with virtual learning. Since you have no commitment to be in a physical location, you can head to a friends house and complete different classes side-by-side. 

Junior, Michala Wings, agrees that virtual school offers more freedom. “I can do what I please while still doing school, I am able to go get food, and school is shorter because we save on wasted time.” She realizes if she can still receive an education while having freedom to mold her schedule as she sees fit, that virtual school is the obvious choice.

For those of us who are of the selfless type and care about the world around us, believe it or not, virtual school helps with that too. Aside from being the 100% safer alternative to going back to a windowless building with hundreds of other people, virtual school is more efficient and cost effective for everyone.