FIFA 21 Review


fifa 21 introduced many other new promising gameplay features Photo Credit: Unsplash

David Blanton

Since 1993 EA sports have made many FIFA video games that develop more and more new features for each new game. But since FIFA 18 players have started to have complaints about the game becoming stagnant. Recently EA has started to release information on the upcoming FIFA 21 game. 


In FIFA 20 many people would lose interest in the game after a while because the Ultimate Team tends to get very repetitive and boring over time. But with the new ability to play with a friend (co-op) in FIFA 21, it should bring a much more exciting feel to the game so that it will not get boring easily. Another new addition in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is that now squad fitnesses for your team is not in the game anymore. The amount of coins that you have becomes a big factor in whether the game is fun or not. Squad fitness would consume a lot of your coins in FIFA 20 which stops you from having much room to buy cool new players which plays a big part in building a fun team to play with.


EA presents agile dribbling and positional awareness. FIFA 20 relied heavily on speed for players to be actually usable. This made cards that were very good but not exceptionally fast in real life and have a high rating on FIFA but not get the feel of how they play in real life. Agile dribbling affects players that are known for their control on the ball in real life. This will make there be a very noticeable difference between the players that are good on the ball and others that are not.


Positional Awareness will hopefully finally make players that arent fast but are very good scorers in real life finally have an effect on FIFA. In FIFA 20  players that are slow are not very useful until they get multiple upgrades that make them faster. Now with positional awareness, slow players will be much more effective. This is because positional awareness makes players make smarter runs/ routes off the ball rather than the same runs every time that gets predictable. Players like Luis Suarez will be able to make runs in the game so that he is able to use his very good finishing as he does not rely on pace.


Overall FIFA 20 has shown some very interesting gameplay features that should make the game more fun and realistic. I rate FIFA 21 a 7/10 for now. With the features that EA has presented, I can see FIFA 21 getting a higher rating if the features play true to the way they have presented them.