Check that temperature checker!


Digital temperature checking devices are the new norm when entering buildings, restaurants, and store. Photo Credit: Anton

Gabby Lerner

Coronavirus has led to several safety inventions, including the temperature checking “gun”. This device enables one to get their temperature checked without direct contact to the skin. 


I have checked many peoples’ temperatures using this device, and they seem to stop working after several uses. A common thing that happens with this is it will show the same temperature for everyone it checks. Another common error is if it is not held close enough to someone’s head, it won’t work. The temperature will then show 92.9 or something similar to that. 


These devices are also not as accurate because they are not physically touching you, so they won’t know your body temperature. 


I think the temperature checking “gun” is a good idea but not well executed, and the cheap ones don’t work. Furthermore, someone could have the coronavirus, but not have a temperature which defeats the purpose of using this device. 


If you are not feeling well, please stay home. In addition, please wear a mask. This means you have to cover your mouth and nose when wearing one. By doing this, it helps stop the spread of COVID-19, so one day, temperature checking devices won’t be needed when entering a building.