Why Pete Rose deserves to be in the MLB Hall of Fame


This article talks about why Pete rose deserves to be in the hall of fame. Photo Credit: Blog Red Machine

Grady Johnson

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Hall of Fame induction is an event that happens every year in a place called Cooperstown, New York. Fans from around the globe travel to this event because it is such a big deal for the MLB fans to see their heroes celebrated. One of these players, not in the Hall of Fame, is Pete Rose. 


Pete Rose was one of the greatest hitters in history. He has never been inducted into the Hall of Fame because he got caught betting on his own baseball team, which was the Cincinnati Reds. 


Pete Rose has been a controversial debate for over 30 years and the MLB has refused to consider inducting him. Pete Rose had over 4,000 hits, which is more than the average for a Hall of Fame player.  The average hitter usually only needs 3,000 hits to get inducted. The stats for Pete Rose are jaw dropping as he ranks among the greatest players of all time and there should be no question that he should be in the Hall of Fame. 


Pete Rose had bet on exactly 52 games as the Major League Baseball did an investigation in 1987.They had suspected that Pete Rose bet on more than that in his lifetime, but had all the evidence they needed to give him a punishment. The punishment was to never play in Major League Baseball again and to never be inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Sophomore Ryan Sergeant states that “That’s not even a question! Of course he deserves to be inducted, he had over 4,000 hits. That’s the most of any player ever…Even though he gambled, even though he did gamble, he bet on his team to win. Either way you put it he deserves to be inducted. It’s been talked about way too long now and he needs to be inducted.”