What the Georgia Bulldogs need to succeed


The Dawgs offensive line huddled up on the sidelines talking out there next play against Mississippi State. Photo credit: Drew Maddox

Drew Maddox, Staff Writer

Every year, the Georgia Bulldogs usually have a great season under Coach Kirby Smart. They have been known for their outstanding running backs as well as their offense and defensive lines. However, coming into their 2020 season, many of Georgia’s greatest players are out of the game, causing the team some unfamiliar difficulties. One of Georgia’s most recent games was against a huge rival, Florida. It was the first time Florida has won this rivalry game in four years! This has left many Georgia fans wondering what Georgia needs this season to get back into their old groove. 

Currently, Georgia’s quarterback situation needs some work. They have played two quarterbacks so far this season. D’Wan Mathis started game one but was quickly replaced by Stetson Bennett. Although neither are the best Georgia’s had from Coach Smart’s teams, Bennett got the job done against Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Bennett came into an issue against Florida on Nov 7, which is when Kirby brought in Mathis to try and support the game. Together, Bennett and Mathiss only had 112 passing yards and threw three interceptions! This game was a huge embarrassment for Georgia, and it clearly showed the struggles they’ve had this season. 

For three seasons, Georgia had Jake Fromm as their starting quarterback. Since he left for the NFL, Georgia has had a hard time finding his replacement, even though they have had multiple 5-star quarterbacks on the roster. The Bulldogs have missed out on multiple good quarterbacks, which is concerning to many Georgia fans, especially considering that’s where they need help the most. Two of these quarterbacks are now in the NFL, while another is training for the 2021 NFL draft. One major disappointment is that another is now starting for Ohio State. JT Daniels, a transfer from USC, is currently on the sidelines and has yet to play a needed snap for the Dawgs. 

Freshman Mackenzie Wilson is a huge Georgia fan. She says “Georgia needs either a new quarterback or a better one. Our quarterbacks just throw the ball to someone when they aren’t even ready. They need to watch who they are throwing it to so they can get touchdowns and things. They don’t need to keep getting turnovers because they don’t move down the field at all. The coaches need to communicate with the team more to get them to do it right.”  

Many of the Bulldog’s star players are out, causing the team many other issues. George Pickens, has been out for a few weeks due to an upper-body injury. He sadly missed the Kentucky and Florida games and would have made a huge difference in the outcome of both. His offensive skills as a wide receiver play out extremely well in games and Georgia is struggling without his help on the offensive line. Coach Kirby Smart says,We need [Pickens] to be at his best for us to be where we need to be offensively.” With Bennett performing how he is as their quarterback, not having Pickens doesn’t help the situation. 

Richard LeCounte should be out for the majority of the season due to a motorcycle crash on Halloween. This accident was extremely unfortunate for LeCounte and the team. LeCounte is Georgia’s team captain and has had a huge impact on their playing. His skills as a safety on the team are incredible and without them, Georgia is also seeming to struggle. LeCountes’ current replacement is freshman Major Burns. Burns is a defensive back and seems to be doing good things for the Dawgs so far. He’s participated in three games this season, accomplishing several tackles against Arkansas and Tennessee. More information on Georgia player’s injuries here.

In order for Georgia to succeed this season, many changes need to occur. Whether a quarterback change is considered, preparing a 5-star to contribute from the bench or improving Stetson and Mathis. Multiple injury recoveries would be the best help with really boosting the team’s confidence as well as their gameplay. Hopefully, this season isn’t yet another 2020 disappointment but instead a 2020 miracle. Through all of this uncertainty, the Georgia fanatics are still “committed to the G” and supporting the team, pushing through the 2020 season, no matter what the outcome will look like.