Adidas Ultraboost 2020 Review


The first pair of Ultraboost shoes debuted in 2015, and with the success they gained with that release Adidas knew they had to take advantage. Picture: Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson

Adidas is back again with their new edition of the very famous Ultraboost shoe. I did a review last year on their 2019 version of the Ultraboost, and with the new edition of the 2020 version I must say Adidas has continued to keep their quality of a shoe, while still upgrading it through the years. I got the new 2020 white Ultraboost around Christmas and I was pleasantly surprised with not only the quality but the fact that you can actually see that Adidas has done some upgrades to the shoe. In other brands, new versions of shoes will look different but for the most part, they are pretty much the same, which makes people think about why they should even bother to pay more for a shoe that looks the exact same. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2020 Ultraboost for the time that I have had them, and they have been very good towards me. The shoe is very comfortable and for me that is extra points because I wear them as a normal everyday fashion shoe. Personally, I will continue to wear and buy the new version of the Ultraboost every time if Adidas continues to impress because this is by far my favorite pair of Adidas shoes.