Xbox Game Pass, is it worth it?


Include in the Game Pass, EA play shows some of the best games they have to offer included in their subscription.Photo Credit: Luke Hicks

Luke Hicks

The Xbox game pass has been out since 2017 and ever since then released over 300 games available for a monthly fee. Right now, the game pass is one dollar, but when this deal ends, it is roughly $9.99 Game Pass is tricky because there are a lot of games, but none seem to be that mainstream or highly sought after to play with your friends. Most of the games are single player and require lots of time to perfect. In my opinion, I have no desire to play most games in the Game Pass and I would not pay the $9.99 fee. However, now that the $1 sale is out, I will gladly pay for the membership to try out these games. I may find one that I absolutely enjoy and if I don’t, it’s only one dollar and I can still play my favorite games with my friends like I do now. Game Pass also includes day one releases, an EA membership, new games often, member discounts, free perks, and cloud services to play on all your devices. This may switch the tide for some, but I personally don’t feel the need for most of these. Game pass does include popular games such as Minecraft, FIFA, Rainbow Six Siege, and others that are mainstream and multi-player. If these are games that you and your friends enjoy and want to play, I say pull the trigger and buy the game pass. For my situation I think it’s an unnecessary buy and not worth it to me.  

Popular games such as Forza, Minecraft, Batman, and Rainbow Six Siege cover the top games for the Xbox Game Pass in hopes to draw gamers in
Photo Credit: Grace Swift