Why you should play fantasy basketball


Fantasy Basketball is a great way to enjoy basketball with your friends and get your basketball geek on! Photo Credit: Noah Goulbourne

Noah Goulbourne

Since Fantasy Football is over, it is time to switch over to Fantasy Basketball. Fantasy Basketball is a great way to keep track of the long basketball season while playing with friends. Fantasy Basketball lasts the entire season: 72 games long! In a fantasy league you get to draft your favorite players and watch them play against your friends’ team. Each team can draft 14 players. In the league, you can have up to 16 teams, so you must draft wisely.  

With such a long season, you must adjust your lineup every day. In Fantasy Football, you only had to change your lineup three times a week. If struggling in the league, the app provides tons of tips and videos which help you build an even better team. Another thing you can do to help your team is adding players off the waiver claim. The waiver claim is list full of all the NBA players that you and your friends never drafted. This way you can pick up a new player anytime you want as long as you drop one.  

Another great perk of Fantasy Basketball is that you can trade players. It is very difficult to keep the same team all season and win your league’s championship. Players can get injuries and ejections which can cost you. Trading with your friends can be hard as not everyone likes to give up their star players, but you can make compromises in which both teams come out prosperous. While playing you will feel like a professional General Manager. If you love the game of basketball, this will only provide further enjoyment. The season is barely 20 games in, so go create a league or join one with your friends!