The 90s Music Era is Superior


In Nirvana’s album cover “Live at Reading”, lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain is jumping in the air as he performs at the Reading Festival in England. This concert was one of the biggest in rock’n’roll history. credit: Geffen Records

Drew Maddox, Editor In Chief

Growing up in the 2000’s, I always wished I could’ve grown up during the ‘90s instead. Listening to the decade’s unique music made me realize how much of an impact it made on music now. Back then, the music was full of diversity, and what made it so cool was the combination of music from past decades refined to create a new version of rock. Shaping today’s music, it truly was the best decade in music history. 


The “grunge” style played a huge role in the 1990’s; it shaped the overall concept of the decade’s music. The sounds of deep screaming voices and electric guitars combined with alternative rock beats made an appearance in almost every hit band’s albums at the time, and it certainly grabbed everyone’s attention. 


One of the best rock bands from the ‘90s was Nirvana. Nirvana’s number one song, “Smells like Teen Spirit”, is an iconic ‘90s trademark. As genius as it is, this song is a very simple song to learn and play, but an overall classic. Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain said that “Smells like Teen Spirit” was their attempt at writing a song similar to his inspiration, the band Pixies. Cobain said, “I was trying to write the ultimate pop song. I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies. I have to admit it.” It was a huge success for him and the band. Recently, Nirvana and ‘90s music has made a huge comeback. Other bands such as Oasis and Pearl Jam have all made another appearance and have become extremely popular to teens growing up in the 21st century. 


During the ‘90s, a new version of music was created. It was the most diverse and unique decade that I believe shaped today’s music into what it is now. Unlike today’s rock music, the ‘90s combination of house, techno, and dance styles incorporated into one made it brand new to everyone at the time. Popular music in the ‘90s was a continuation of teen pop trends that emerged from the ‘70s and ‘80s making it the most diverse of all time. Despite the teens from this era getting older, hip-hop from their generation continues to grow within the 21st century. It is just overall superior to today’s modern music. 


Many students at Roswell enjoy listening to ‘90s music, such as freshman Chris Holland. He says, “The reason why I like ‘90s music so much is during this period of time people could express a lot more with their emotions through their music, so it feels that every song has heart and soul to it.” Many other trends from the ‘90s have made a comeback. Ripped jeans and scrunchies were extremely popular during that time and teens now have brought those accessories back, along with the music!