Roswell Local Flair Series: Crazy Love Coffee House Edition


These overcast skies are defiantly the best weather for enjoying a warm cup of coffee and a buttered croissant. Make sure to check out Crazy Love at this address 1088 Canton St, Roswell, GA 30075 . Photo by: Rachel Sandstrom

Rachel Sandstrom

Although many people would describe Roswell, Georgia, as a boring suburban town, there are many hidden gems amongst us that actually give it some character. There are tons of spots for getting together with friends, eating delicious food, and even areas to learn something about the historical significance of Roswell. One of my personal favorite spots to go and get work done, enjoy a cup of coffee, and chat with a friend or two is Crazy Love Coffee House located on Canton Street. 


They stick to the coffee shop basics at Crazy Love including blueberry muffins, croissants, breakfast sandwiches, and lattes keeping their food and drinks tasty. To round out their menu perfectly, Crazy Love serves signature Belgian Liege Waffles including flavors such as strawberries and cream, pink drizzle, and of course the classic, topped with powdered sugar. What is good about keeping the food and drink choices simple is the employees can perfect each recipe resulting in some delicious food. One of my favorite menu items is the Chicken Pesto Sandwich. The sandwich is made with freshly sliced turkey breast, basil pesto, red pepper, and mozzarella all melted on sourdough to create a burst of flavorful goodness. If you’re going to Crazy Love you must get a belgian waffle. I highly recommend keeping it simple with the strawberries and cream waffle. It’s a warm, sweet, and delicious treat to finish off your meal. 


What really puts this coffee shop at the top of my list of hidden Roswell gems is not just the food but the people who work there. Granted, anyone is happy with a warm cup of coffee and a fresh-baked muffin, but their customer service takes your experience there to the next level. The employees are always working their very best to ensure you get what you ordered exactly how you ordered it, in a timely manner, and absolutely delicious. It’s not just their work skills, it’s their people skills that make you feel welcome and wanting to go back. Each worker looks like they genuinely enjoy their job, which is a rare thing to see these days so it’s always refreshing to see how the joy for their jobs boosts the overall atmosphere of the cafe. 


So next time you’re wanting to explore Roswell make sure to stop by Crazy Love for some good coffee, food, and company. To really make a night of it, go to Crazy Love on Friday and Saturday nights for live music. They always have some really good small artists from around Georgia which will give you an even better taste of Roswell flair.