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  • January 31Graduation date has been announced, set your calendars for May 21st seniors!
  • January 29Prom Theme Announced: Enchanted Evening
  • January 29Stay warm Hornets!
The Student News Site of Roswell High School

The Sting

The Student News Site of Roswell High School

The Sting

All content by Rachel Sandstrom
Senior Veronica Soroka saw her life flash before her eyes as Dr. Conners (The Lizard) flung her off of the water tower. She will be forever grateful for Spidermans quick thinking and agility that saved her life.
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Spider-Man Spotting Alert! Roswell High School now on mild lockdown

Krysta Schwab, Gracie Ross, and Rachel Sandstrom April 19, 2022

Some say that alternate realities are just a myth, something that merely exists in sci-fi movies and comic books. Throw out everything you think you know about our universe because there have been not...

With the return of Adeles music comes new interviews and photo shoots. What better way to show she has comeback with a cover shoot for Vogue. She truly is iconic.
Photo Credit: Adeles Instagram

Adele comes back with a hit

Rachel Sandstrom December 28, 2021

Five years it's been since Adele graced us with her beautiful voice and storied lyrics. I and many other adoring fans have missed her dearly. Adele has been part of my life since I could walk. My family...

Roswell Local Flair: Veganism made easy with Gregory’s Atlanta Vegan Breakfast  

Roswell Local Flair: Veganism made easy with Gregory’s Atlanta Vegan Breakfast  

Rachel Sandstrom, Copy Editor December 13, 2021

Continuing on in the search for the best local restaurants around, this month’s stop came as a surprise. The longer I write this series, the more I have realized that no restaurant I have included has...

Start preparing for college early to save yourself from headache later

Rachel Sandstrom February 11, 2021

Starting to plan for college at the tail end of your high school career is a surefire way to create lots of late nights trying to figure out what to write your college essay about because you realized...

 These overcast skies are defiantly the best weather for enjoying a warm cup of coffee and a buttered croissant. Make sure to check out Crazy Love at this address 1088 Canton St, Roswell, GA 30075 .
Photo by: Rachel Sandstrom

Roswell Local Flair Series: Crazy Love Coffee House Edition

Rachel Sandstrom February 6, 2021

Although many people would describe Roswell, Georgia, as a boring suburban town, there are many hidden gems amongst us that actually give it some character. There are tons of spots for getting together...

I have started a mini collection of shoulder bags purely because I love them so much. I have gotten each one from a thrift store or my mom’s closet so don’t think you need to spend a lot of money to join in on this trend. Photo credit: Rachel Sandstrom

The Shoulder Bag Comeback

Rachel Sandstrom January 26, 2021

With the atrocity that is women’s pants pockets being too small to hold even your cell phone, women have had to adapt and find ways to hold their everyday essentials. Whether this means cramming each...

Eleventh grader Krysta Schawb is hard at work taking customers carts out to their cars, stacking shelves, packing bags and helping out in any way she can. She enjoys her time at work where she is able to learn fundamental life skills such as teamwork, communication, and the right way to treat superiors. 
Photo Credit: Rachel Sandstrom

Part Time Jobs: Why they’re fundamental in shaping a teen’s character

Rachel Sandstrom December 4, 2020

For high school students, having a job is one of the most rewarding and important activities they can do for themselves. There is only so much a high school education can teach students. Yes, school teaches...

Students should not go to school just to take tests that will only stress them out. They should go to school relaxed and ready to learn, but this will never happen while tests are still required in schools.  Photo Credit: Creative Common

Tests: The killer of education

Rachel Sandstrom November 4, 2020

The goal of education is to teach lessons that will benefit students throughout their lives. Education should give students the opportunity to set themselves apart from the rest of society by applying...

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