Cooking with Gabby: ten-minute fish dinner


Crispy flakey fish with broccoli and rice is a perfect and easy meal option. photo cred: Gabby Lerner

Gabby Lerner

Cooking flaky, juicy, crispy fish is hard to do. Air frying checks off all of those boxes. 


My favorite type of fish to put in the air fryer is tilapia. Tilapia is a light flaky fish that makes for a great source of protein. The way I like to season the tilapia is by adding chipotle garlic powder I get at Publix. I paired this flaky fish with broccoli, to which I added a little bit of olive oil and salt to. 


I stuck the fish and broccoli in the air fryer for ten minutes at four hundred degrees and it came out perfectly.  


I laid my crispy fish and broccoli on a bed of rice and added hot sauce to add more flavor. 


This easy tilapia recipe is perfect for lunch and dinner and can be made for several genres of food. I have used this recipe to make fish tacos, barbeque fish, and Italian fish. 


The fish tacos require the same preparations but add some of your favorite salsa to it. When it is done, wrap it in a tortilla and you are good to go!


Barbeque fish is super easy to make and only requires you to marinate the tilapia in barbeque sauce before you air fry it. 


To make the tilapia Italian, I cook it the way I described and added it to some warm tomato sauce and pasta. 


I hope some of these yummy tilapia recipes help with your fishy cravings. Enjoy!