Top five super bowl LV commercials


Big brands go head to head in this ranking. Credit: Bella Dombrowski

Bella Dombrowski

Number 5, the Pringles Commercial. It starts with a man and a woman presumably back from a space trip who are stuck in the ocean and the people at the space station are too busy stacking pringles flavors to realize. They then see a large boat that they think will save them but the people on the boat are also stacking pringles and don’t notice them. I would give this a 3/5, The commercial was funny and it definitely made me want some pringles.


Number 4, The Klarna Commercial featured 4 small Maya Rudolphs on horses in a wild west setting. They see a pink pair of boots that they like. They buy them each paying one of the four payment installments then riding off. I would give this commercial a 3/5, it was funny and smart but a service like this is unimportant for me.


Number 3, Frito Lay. Marshawn Lynch is telling a story about super bowl LV and it cuts to Peyton and Eli Manning throwing footballs in their basement and Peyton misses the pass then the ball goes into the wall. Their father, Archie, comes down the stairs and yells at them. It then cuts to Joe Montana and Jerry Rice playing flick football with Doritos and Troy Aikman interrupts them holding a bag of Doritos. Then it cuts to Terry Bradshaw and Jerome Bettis playing football inside and breaking the snack table. Lastly, it shows Dion Sanders waking up ready for the Super Bowl. This commercial is a 4/5,  it was funny and made me want chips. People who like football will definitely like this commercial because they will probably understand the jokes.


Number 2, the M&M commercial, starts with a man on the airplane laying back in his seat. He is then kicked and splashes soup all over himself the person behind him gives him M&M’s saying he is sorry. It later shows a man saying “I’m sorry for mansplaining” handing m&m’s to a woman then continuing to mansplain what mansplaining is. It cuts to a couple covered in blue powder once again handing over m&m’s apologizing for the gender reveal party that got super messy. Then it shows a woman apologizing to another saying sorry for calling you, Karen. Lastly, it cuts to Dan Levy talking to the M&M people apologizing for eating M&M’s. I would rate this commercial a 5/5, it was relatable to many and definitely increased M&M appeal. 

Lastly number 1, the T-mobile Commercial. It features Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski talking about retirement through the phone. Brady’s service is so bad that the phone cuts out and the audio changes from Gronkowski telling Brady to retire but instead sounds like Gronkowski calling Brady a loser if he retired. It cuts to Brady in a press conference saying he was going to win another Superbowl and he was going to have Gronkowski help him. This commercial receives a 5/5. It was very creative and enjoyed by everyone, fans of the players or not.