How Biden’s Executive Orders on Immigration Have Positively Impacted the United States


President Biden masked up at the beginning of January. photo credit: @joebiden on Instagram

Alexandra Wiggins

With a wide range of different ethnicities that have brought new cultures, religions, jobs, and even languages to this country, the United States has become the most diverse country in the world. However, these new cultures and immigrations have not been accepted by everyone and it is still found today that it is challenging for people to accept diversity overall. The process of naturalization in the United States is challenging for new immigrants to acquire and President Trump’s former presidency did not make it easier for these new citizens. President Biden’s plan is to resolve these issues and make the process more comfortable for those who are trying to attain citizenship. 


During President Trump’s term, many orders were passed that caused the inability of immigrants to enter the United States, separated families, and even led to lasting discrimination towards foreign ethnic groups. Since President Biden’s inauguration on January 20, 2021, he and Vice President Kamala Harris, have taken many actions to resolve these immigrant issues and find new ways to accompany everyone of the United States. 


President Joe Biden’s goal for immigrants is to protect them. He plans to protect national and border security, address the issues at the Southern border, and guarantee public health and safety. In his first Executive order on the “Revision of Civil Immigration Enforcement Policies and Priorities”(issued on Jan. 20), he did just that. He plans to revise President Trump’s decisions regarding his enforcement policies. Many families were separated at many borders, however most importantly, the border between the United States and Mexico. These separations became a terrible issue during Trump’s presidency that affected the country tremendously. President Biden is essentially planning to reunite families separated at the border through the executive order, “Establishment of Interagency Task Force on the Reunification of Families” (issued on Feb. 2). This order will revise Trump’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” which entailed that any migrant who tried to cross the border at an unknown port of entry would be criminally detained and separated from their families disregarding the age of the minor. At the Mexican-American border President Biden also halted the funding of the border wall that Trump promoted throughout his 4- year presidency. He did this through the “Termination of Emergency With Respect To The Southern Border of the United States and Redirection of Funds Diverted to Border Wall Construction” (issued on Jan. 20). 

The Capitol at sunrise on Inauguration Day, the beginning of a new presidency. photo credit: @joebiden on Instagram

No matter a person’s ethnic background or where they came from, they should be recognized and included in the country that they are living in. Once one gains citizenship, they should most definitely be accepted into this country politically and socially. The United States Constitution even declares that statement. In the United States however, it has never been simple for minorities. For decades, there have been restrictions and social issues regarding different cultures and ethnicities. One of President Biden’s goals is to prove that everyone can be socially equal through acceptance no matter where a person came from. President Trump saw Muslim countries as a threat to the United States, leading him to ban the entries of people from those countries. It was not fair for those who were trying to escape the dangers of their native country.  President Biden plans to revoke this ideology of President Trump’s through the “Proclamation on Ending Discriminatory Bans on Entry to the United States” (issued on Jan. 20). This gives the United States hope for equality and acceptance of all immigrants and refugees coming to the United States. Sadie Zeigler (11) mentions, “I think Biden’s immigrations plans are rapidly working towards improvement […] It is vital plans like this that are implemented to lessen the pressure put on immigrants everywhere as they make the transition to a new country and join an unfamiliar society.” 


With President Biden enacting all of these executive orders to promote the acceptance of immigration and make the process of entering the United States less frightening, it brings ambitions for future generations. They will be taught about the positive effects of diversity. President Biden’s presidency will show that the past, in regards to immigration, was appalling and that we should pursue the future of the United States in positive ways.