Charli D’Amelio comes to Roswell High School to campaign for President


Charli D’Amelio comes to Roswell to campaign for President and Dunkin Donuts helps sponsor the pep rally and gives kids that attend rally free “Charli” and “Charli Cold Foams” (Picture Credit; Charli D’Amelio Instagram)

Grace Swift

Charli D’amelio, Tiktok sensation, now running for the President of the United States at age 16, is coming to Roswell, Georgia to campaign for the election. As many know, Charli D’amelio has two drinks at Dunkin Donuts, The Charli” and “The Charli Cold Foam” and latest reports on the drinks showed that Roswell, Georgia had the fewest amount of purchases of these drinks at their local Dunkin Donuts. That is why Charli and her team feels it is necessary to campaign in Roswell.  

The campaign will take place in the student parking lot after school, where Charli will give a speech and her sister, Dixie D’amelio, will perform her hit song, “Be Happy”, which talks about how sometimes she doesn’t want to be happy and she doesn’t want people to hold that against her. Charli and her team feel as though this song will truly connect to the students at Roswell High School. 

Even though many Roswell students are not old enough to vote, Charli and her team are hoping that through the students, they can also connect to the parents. Charli has received a lot of backlash from parents saying that 16 years old is too young to run for presidency, so in hopes of the changing the parents mind, she is going to try have as many students come to the rally to show how much support she has from the students, therefore proving to the parents that she will make a huge impact on the country. 

Students at Roswell High School were asked what they thought about Charli D’amelio running for president; Jack Smith, senior, “I’ve honestly never really seen the hype around Charli but maybe after this campaign I will. I am actually 18 so I can vote, so I am going to this rally to truly see if I want to vote for her or not. Unlike some of these freshmen who are hoping to make a TikTok with her or get a selfie.” Sarah Hopkins, junior, stated “I don’t really care about Charli running for president because I cannot vote but I am going to the rally because I really hope Jennifer Lopez does a surprise show or something. I mean I think they are kind of friends, or at least I hope because that’s the only reason I am going.” After this Sarah Hopkins was informed that Jennifer Lopez would not be doing a surprise show as she has been in contact with someone who had Covid-19, so she responded, “Oh, then I probably will not go then. That’s literally so annoying I wanted to see J-Lo, you know if J-Lo was running for president I would vote for her. She is just so amazing and she looks so good for being her age. Ugh, I love her. Charli on the other hand, I don’t think she will do well as president, just because of her age and stuff but she is really good at tiktok. I wish I was good at dancing like she is.” 

While a few of the responses of Charli running for president were negative, there were a few positive ones. Some were almost scary how they like her, mainly from underclassmen. Stacy Jones, freshman, said “I love Charli, she is like my best friend even though we haven’t met. I truly feel like she would feel the same way if we did. I am 100% a Dunkin’ – that’s what she calls us, you know it’s based off her Dunkin Donuts obsession. She is so funny, she gets Dunkin Donuts like every day, and don’t even get me started on The Charli, it is literally my favorite and although I am allergic to some of the ingredients, it’s still worth it every time I drink it. I would do anything for Charli, truly anything. If my parents don’t vote for her, I think I might move out.”  

Others seemed as though Charli D’amelio coming to Roswell does not affect them either way. Brad Stephens, junior, had this to say, “I honestly don’t care if Charli wins or loses. I just heard that Dunkin Donuts might be giving out free donuts and this drink called “The Charli” out during the rally so I’m planning on going to get a donut and whatever that drink is and leaving. I mean I don’t really have an opinion on Charli, I mean I guess she seems pretty chill.”  

Overall, there seems to be some mixed response as to whether Charli D’amelio’s campaign will go well or not. The rally is set to take place April 17th, 2021 at 5:00pm at Roswell High School’s student parking lot.