Georgia Bulldogs Volleyball vs Texas A&M Recap

Drew Maddox, Editor In Chief

On Friday, March 12, the Georgia Bulldogs volleyball team went up against the Texas A&M volleyball team. I took a trip to the Stegman Colosseum in Athens to watch the Bulldogs play and see how their season was coming along.

Georgia bulldogs Kacie Evans making a kill through Texas A&M’s block. (Credit: Drew Maddox)

Texas A&M won the first set of the game. During the end of this set, Georgia’s energy went down a bit but the first loss didn’t stop them. Georgia won the second set without hesitation, pushing the gameplay to four sets. Although Georgia was working hard to try and get back on top, Texas A&M won the third set. There was still one more chance Georgia could turn the game around but unfortunately, the Aggies upped their game higher than the Dawgs, winning the final set. The whole match was very exciting to watch, especially if you play volleyball. It is easy to get lost in the game. Click here for specific game stats.  

I enjoyed watching the team’s warm-up, as well. Watching them pass the ball back and forth along with warming up their arms gave me some tips on my own gameplay. I highly recommend going to higher-level games for any other players, it’s not only good for your own benefit, but it’s fun!

The Dawgs had another chance to beat the Aggies the next day, Saturday, March 13. Back for revenge, the Bulldogs won their second game against Texas A&M. With their season coming to a close soon, the Bulldogs are currently ranked number ten in the SEC. They have had better seasons in the past, but hopefully, these next few games can increase their ranking for the end of the 2020-2021 season.