Should Teenagers be Getting the Vaccine?


Keep yourself and those around you healthy! creds: Cecilia Rubio

Cecilia Rubio

As more people are becoming eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, it has become a large question whether to get it or not. Teenagers are young and healthy and do not need to put this new, risky vaccine in their body’s right? Wrong. It is very important that as many people as possible get this vaccine so we can get life back to normal sooner. 

It is a huge debate across the country whether or not these vaccines should be received or not. Some claim they are dangerous and do not know what we are putting in our bodies. That is actually an invalid argument, as according to the CDC, “The vaccines met FDA’s rigorous scientific standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality needed to support emergency use authorization (EUA).” People claim that this is a ploy by the government to get people vaccinated and try to politicize the virus when in reality, vaccines are the most effective way to slow the spread of a virus, which we have been practicing for years, such as the flu vaccine. 

Surely it is intimidating as this has all surfaced in just a year so there is a lot of uncertainty about the virus, but after seeing the impact it had on the entire world, it is vital that people open their eyes to the science behind it and come together to fight this battle. It is arguable that teenagers may be a strong cause in the spread of COVID-19. Kids go out with friends, party, travel, and bring the sickness back to their homes. After Governor Kemp announced teenagers could receive the vaccine, this is a great opportunity to reach the age group that may be spreading the most. This is why it is important for younger ages to receive this vaccine. On top of that, it is true that teens are young and healthy, so this vaccine is most likely safe for their youthful bodies. 

There are many resources you can find to show the safety of these vaccines, as well as many opportunities to receive your vaccine. Though side effects have been shown with the vaccine, overall, the results are safe and effective. Some may not even have side effects at all. It is also important that teenagers get the vaccine so researchers can investigate the responses for all ages, not just adults. It is shown that most COVID-19 cases in these young ages are mild, but it is important to gather all information and responses for their data. It will take everyone’s cooperation to get over this pandemic, so it is necessary to receive your vaccine as soon as you can!