Music Festivals Opening Back Up Just in Time for Summer

Grace Swift

With summer around the corner for Roswell’s students, many are looking forward to the break from school and a social life that is outside the classroom.  Although last summer, students did get a break from school during the break, they, unfortunately, were not able to have very much of a social life due to Covid-19. 

One of the main events teenagers look forward to during the summer is music festivals and as many other events, because of Covid-19 many, if not all festivals were cancelled including, Rolling Loud, Music Midtown, Coachella, Atlanta Funk Fest and many more. 

Luckily for teenagers though since Covid-19 cases begin to drop and many are beginning to get the Covid-19 vaccine, some festivals are able to open their doors to guests. Some festivals that have announced that they will be open are Music Midtown, Rolling Loud, Rock of the South, Atlanta Funk Fest, Shaky Knees Festivals, and many others. 

While this is exciting for many, we do not fully know how festivals will handle Corona and what safety measures they will do. This can be concerning for many and may stop some people from attending the festivals. There is also a chance that the festivals are hoping that the Covid-19 numbers will be down enough that there will not need to be too many precautions taken for Covid-19.


Music Midtown opens up for summer 2021 Photo Creds: Music Midtown