Canton Street Coffee: Roswell Provisions vs Crazy Love

Emerson Keith, Sports Editor

Canton Street is one of the most popular attractions in Roswell. Roswell locals of many different ages visit Canton Street every day, whether it’s for brunch, just a quick coffee run, or to take a brief look in any of the small shops. 

One of the main reasons people take time out of their day to go to Canton Street is for a quick coffee run or just sit down at a cute little café. There are multiple places to go for this, but I want to focus on two of the most popular: Crazy Love Coffee House and Roswell Provisions.  

Both of these restaurants have the same purpose. Many people go there to eat, drink, study, read or hang out with friends in a calm environment. 

Crazy Love:

Beautiful day at Crazy Love Coffee House (Credit: The city of Roswell)

Crazy Love is the newer one of the two. It opened in May of 2017 and has been a hit ever since. It’s been very popular between middle and high school students to go study and for many adults to go and get work done due to its calming and healthy environment. 

There are many options of where to sit, inside or outside, but either way, you can enjoy your delicious choice of food or ice-cold beverage. Speaking of which, Crazy Love provides a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and drinks, all of which are very tasty. Not only does it have food, it also has merchandise inside! There is a wide range of shirts, jewelry, and a bunch more! I have been to Crazy Love many times whether is was to study or to just enjoy a nice breakfast and I highly enjoyed my time there. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you ever want a quick bite! 

Roswell Provisions:

The beautiful outdoor seating arrangement of Roswell Provisions on Canton Street. (Credit: The City of Roswell)

Unlike Crazy Love, Roswell Provisions has been on Canton Street for a while.  

It has been there since 2011 and provides a variety of food and beverages to its customers. It has a very vintage and cozy style to it, which is what makes it such a welcoming place to go. You can stop by in the morning to start your day with a tasty cup of coffee or you could stop in after dinner to grab a sweet treat! It’s very similar to Crazy Love in the way that they both serve amazing pastries and refreshing drinks, but Roswell Provisions expands their food and beverage options beyond that. They sell beautiful charcuterie boards and wine to go with! It also has a café sitting right above it called Le Bistro with amazing cuisine and service. I have also been to Roswell Provisions many times and I have never been disappointed. I would most definitely pop in again. 


Both of these incredible shops have impressed me and many others with their wide choices  of food beverage, there welcoming environment, and their friendly staff. I would strongly recommend Roswell Provisions if you like a cozier and warmer feel to enjoy your meal and Crazy Love if you would like a more upbeat and modern style to focus on your studies. Both shops are so great, and I would not put one above the other. I know that I will continue to go back, and I hope you do too.


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