Varsity Volleyball’s Stinging Season Opener  

Drew Maddox, Staff Writer


Middle hitter Natalie Wilson (10) going in for a kill against the Alpharetta Raiders to gain the lead in the first set. (Credit: Drew Maddox)

Finally, the awaited Volleyball season is here, and the Hornets Varsity team started the season opener with a big win against North Cobb Christian School. They swept them in two sets, leaving the score at 2-1. So far, they have been going strong with a record of 7-7, with only a two-loss streak. They also won three straight sets against our region rivals, Milton! This year the team has acquired many new players on their road to victory. With nine new players, they are heading in the right direction with the new additions.  

Last year the Hornets faced Alpharetta for the regional championship game and now they have faced them once again at the beginning of their season. On September 8, the girls finally faced the Raiders to attempt revenge after the regional loss. Although the game resulted in an unfortunate loss of 3-1, they put up a fight running the game into four sets. The first set started very strong with a win of 25-21, this was the Hornets’ only win of the game, but it was well-earned. The other three sets were losses, although the scores stayed very close to each other during each set, battling for the lead.  

Watching the game against Alpharetta, the girls’ attention towards the game was very impressive, and based on their gameplay, the rest of their season looks promising. Angelica Gonzalez (11) was my choice for the player of the match. As an outside hitter, her hits were unbelievably powerful, sending the Raiders into a fog defensively during gameplay. Whenever the Hornets felt uneasy about the score, they always turned to Angelica to keep it up.    

I talked with Bella Pinheiro (10), a setter on the team, to hear her point of view on the start of the season. She said, “This season has been great. I mean don’t get me wrong, we started off kind of slow and unfocused, but after a little bit we got back into the game and now were killing it.” Even after a rough start, Bella had a lot to say about her confidence in the team to continue this season strong.  

There are 16 more games to go until the conclusion of the Hornets season. Hopefully, they can keep up the hard work, and we hope to see them headed off to the region championships!  

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