Varsity football faces North Paulding for homecoming game 

Katherine Holloway, Staff Writer

After destroying the South Forsyth War Eagles and the Centennial Knights, the Hornets are eager to face another. 

Varsity Football dash onto field projecting utter confidence. (Credit: Katherine Holloway)

Fortunately for them, a new opportunity has come. On September 10 2021, the Hornets went against the North Paulding Wolfpack. Both teams’ chances of winning are tied with a 1.00%-win percentage due to winning their earlier first two games.

However, this is the first away game for Wolfpack. Playing an away game can be a stressful thing due to the change in environment, so will this impact their performance? The answer is yes. The Hornets crushed North Paulding with a whopping score of 45-10.  

The anticipation is at its high. With the crowd all riled up, the Wolfpacks kicker, Ethan Sanchez (12), boots the ball an entire 70 yards to their endzone, meaning the Hornets have the entire field to move to their endzone for a touchdown. This eventually leads us to our first touchdown of the night done by Quarterback Robbie Roper (12), concluding the first quarter.  

Moving into the second quarter, the Hornets’ wide receiver, Shaun Spence (12), swiftly runs down the field 35 yards from the 35-yard line and snatches the ball from the air running straight for the endzone leading to the first touchdown of the quarter!

Following that is a field goal by the Wolfpack’s kicker, Ethan Sanchez (12), and a touchdown done by the Hornets’ wide receiver, Ethan Crite (11), as he catches the pass and runs a whole 81 yards down to their endzone.

Later into the quarter, the Wolfpack has the ball. As they line up on the 25-yard line, the play starts but does not go as planned. The Wolfpack’s wide receiver, Javarious George (10), is desperate to catch a pass. 

Unfortunately for him, just as he thinks he is in the clear, Roswell’s cornerback/free safety, Hill Plunkett (11), intercepts and snatches the ball, leaving the Wolfpack stung. 

As both teams take a break and the Hornets celebrate their accomplishments, it is now half-time. Not just any half-time, but the part of the game where they announce homecoming queen and princess!

As loved ones escort the candidates out onto the field, it finally becomes time for the news. Brionna Evans (11) wins homecoming princess, and Emily Herrell (12) wins homecoming queen out of the ten contestants.

Congratulations to the crowned, and a huge thank you to the homecoming court for their participation! Now, the Hornets are ready to finish this game off. 

With the Hornets in formation and the Wolfpack sprawled out on the opposite side of the field, it is time to start the third quarter. The Hornets’ kicker, Brett Gonda (10), kicks off to the other team, which lands into the arms of the other teams’ player on the 15-yard line.

After some time passes, we get our last touchdowns for the night done by quarterback/free safety Chris Elko (11) and running back Nykahi Davenport (10) as they waltz into the end-zones leaving the North Paulding Wolfpack with a loss.