Tasting with Tara: Review of CAVA


CAVA is a healthy option that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Photo by: Tara Goff

Tara Goff, Graphics Co-captain

New to Roswell’s collection of restaurants, CAVA has taken the place of Zoe’s Kitchen located in Roswell Corners. As a vegetarian, Zoe’s Kitchen was always a go-to option when I needed something quick and easy, so I was excited to give CAVA a try to see if it would rise to the occasion. 

The first time I went, I ordered a greens and grains bowl with RightRice, a traditional rice alternative that is made from chickpeas and lentils. Unfortunately, I felt that the texture ruined the whole bowl, and there was no flavor to make up for this. Not wanting to give up on the restaurant, however, I went back for another try. My base consisted of spinach and brown rice, and this was a much better option. 

Next on the line are the spreads, which you can choose up to three of. At the top of my list is the roasted eggplant dip, as it was creamy and slightly sweet, which contrasted nicely with the rest of the bowl’s flavors. A close second was the tzatziki, as it’s yogurt and cucumber mix was cool and refreshing. The hummus was also good, however did not stand out as anything better than store-bought. 

Followed by spreads is the protein section. I chose half falafel and half roasted veggies. While the roasted veggies were probably nothing better than I could have made myself at home, the falafel was delicious, and was possibly my favorite part of the whole bowl (except for the free pita that came on the side of the meal). The pieces of chickpeas inside, as well as the spices used that made the protein really stand out, and I liked CAVA’s falafel even more than that of Zoe’s Kitchen. 

As for toppings, which are unlimited, I chose roasted corn, tomato and onion mix, pickled red onion, and a yogurt dill dressing. Out of these, my favorite was the roasted corn, as the strong flavor was very complimentary of the rest of the bowl. The pickled red onion followed, as it was slightly sweet. I also thought the yogurt dill dressing was the perfect garnish, as it was slightly tangy, and complimented the yogurt in the tzatziki nicely.  

While not as much variety is available as Zoe’s Kitchen, CAVA is a good healthy option when something is needed quickly, as long as you order the right things. Senior Alissa Parnes  mentions how she appreciated the healthy options. “Cava is so fresh and makes you feel great after,” she says. “I totally recommend it if you love clean eating and want to explore different foods.” Overall, the restaurant gets a 7/10 for me.