Profile of Freshman Student Council Officers

Laurel Davis, News Editor

This year, new students were elected to be freshman officers for Roswell High School’s Student Council. These students have had no experience with student council before in their middle school years. 

How are these students adjusting? What impact have they had on the school system so far? Freshman class president Aaron Smith and vice president Emerson Keith can answer these questions. These two students were elected to student council in early August.  

President Aaron Smith says he recommends student council for “people who like to help out with things for our grade and for our school and people who like to be leaders. I definitely think it would be a good opportunity.” So, student council is a great environment for people who know how to take control and responsibility and for those people who want to demonstrate that in their school life. 

Vice president Emerson Keith says she ran for the position because she “really wanted to get involved in the school and just make sure we have a really great year and work with others to make sure that happens.” If you’re thinking about getting involved in the school in some type of way, student council might be something for you to consider. Even as freshmen, members of student council are having a great time being a representative for their grade. 

As you can see, the freshmen are adjusting well to student council. They are planning on working on more projects in the future. According to them, student council is something that they recommend, so if you’re interested, you should check it out!