Summer In Colombia

Nicole Powichroski, Staff Writer

 Despite Covid-19 over the 2021 summer I was fortunate enough to be able to travel with my family to the beautiful country of Colombia. So many sights to see and so many beautiful cities and islands to visit the country of Colombia is a perfect family trip to spend anywhere from a week to three weeks. 

The first location on my journey was Cartagena Colombia. This part of Colombia is right off the coast of the country and there we visited the clear water beaches called “Playa Blanca” not to mention the outstanding food of fresh sea food caught straight from the Ocean. While there Colombia had even just won a soccer game, we got to see the streets cheering and fireworks go off to celebrate their country. 

The Beautiful sunsets of Cartagena, Colombia. (Credit: Nicole Powichroski)

Next was Barranquilla Colombia the hometown of my mother. Like a normal city Barranquilla was hot and filled with shopping malls and restaurants. The street food and fast food there was nothing like in the states. Comparing a big mac here to fresh port with queso and pina is not even on the same scale. The city was so beautiful with so much culture it was magnificent to see. 

Then was Villa de Leyva. A small town closer to the capital. There every road was made of stone or cobble and every business of was locally owned. You could see the animals and the plants behind restaurants that they used in the very meal you were eating. Thousands of shops stand in the plaza selling anything from crystals to t shirts in the European-esque town. 

Lastly was Bogota, Colombia the capital. Resembling New York of the United States the concrete jungle was cold in the middle of the summer compared to the climate we were experiencing earlier. There were countless malls to shop at and enjoy the vie of the city not to mention the fabulous coffee shops that were there that made coffee here taste like water. The trip to Colombia hits so close to home with it being the home of my mom, and being able to experience and see her culture firsthand is life changing.